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William Dall passed away on Thursday 21st April 2011, aged 85, after a life full of many interests and acheivements.


This site has been set up as a memorial to William Dall from his family, with tribute from his family, friends and colleagues, much of which comes from the funeral service.


We have included a photographic tribute and essay of William’s life.


He was loved and honoured by his family, with tributes included from


Professionally, William Dall was of that fortunate group who find their professional niche and love their work.


Dr William Dall had a distinguished career as a marine scientist, which allowed him scope for his inquiring mind and considerable intellectual abilities.


For a tribute to his career, see the eulogy written by David Smith, Bill’s long-time colleague and  friend.


For Bill’s own outline of his career, see this page he wrote for AMSA  – Australian Marine Sciences Association –  on the occasion of becoming a Silver Jubilee Awardee in 1991.


For a more personal look at his life, see this extract from his own writings, or the poem by Peter Dall written on the occasion of Bill’s 80th birthday.


In 1979 Bill visited Scotland, the home of his ancestors, and began to research his own family history. He compiled a document titled “A Short History of the Dalls“, by William Dall. It included memories of his own early years, and summarised the story of his life as he saw it.


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