Ashes and remembrance ceremony


William (Bill) Dall at CoochieMudlo

Bill at Coochiemudlo, 2 years before his death.



Coochiemudlo - farewell to Bill Dall from his family

Coochiemudlo – family farewell to Bill

On Sunday 10th June 2012, our family gathered in Brisbane to celebrate our mother’s birthday (11th June), and to honour the first anniversary of our father’s death (21 April).

We chose CoochieMudlo Island, in Moreton Bay, as the place to hold a remembrance ceremony for Bill Dall.


Though CoochieMudlo was not part of our family history, the little bays and delightful walking trails were reminiscent of  Noosa Heads, the scene of old family holidays.

Dall family at CoochieMudlo Island - farewell to Bill Dall

Farewell ceremony to Bill – Coochiemudlo.


Cleveland Marine Laboratories building, June 2012.

The old Cleveland Marine Laboratories building.

And CoochieMudlo, being in Moreton Bay, was only a short boat ride from Cleveland and the laboratory which was the scene of Bill’s greatest professional achievements.



Sunday 10th June dawned as a bleak and unpromising day, with threatening rain – most unseasonal for sunny Queensland in winter.

There were the usual family discussions, but we agreed that we would continue as planned to Coochie, all well supplied with raingear and fortified against the wind.


Coochiemudlo - Jenni & Marilyn

Coochiemudlo – Jen & Mar


High tide was not until early afternoon… and the wind made the currents in the water uncertain.

The rain did hold off…. the wind made waiting for the boat  and our trek across the island rather bleak.


Coochiemudlo - farewell to Bill from Patricia

Coochiemudlo – farewell to Bill from Patricia




At the ferry stop on Coochie we paused for some rather bad coffee, and, duly fortified, headed off to the far side of the island – only a 30 minute walk.

We found a little spit protruding out into the bay, with rocks and mangroves, but with earth and sea and wind in balance – though not much fire was apparent in the environment!


Peter Dall at CoochieMudlo - farewell to Bill Dall

Peter – farewell to Bill at Coochie

Coochiemudlo - Bill Dall's hat_1

Coochiemudlo – farewell to Bill: Bill’s hat_1








Coochiemudlo - farewell to Bill: Bill's hat_2

Coochiemudlo – farewell to Bill: Bill’s hat_2








It was a suitable spot for a one year farewell ceremony for William Dall.



Coochimudlo - Jenni's farewell to Bill_1

Coochimudlo – Jenni’s farewell to Bill_1

Coochimudlo - Jenni's farewell to Bill_2

Coochimudlo – Jenni’s farewell to Bill_2

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  1. Peter says:

    Nice write-up! I can almost hear Bill’s voice….



  2. Rick Dall says:

    Looks good, thanks Mara.
    I think it worked out well that our group photo was in front of the same tree as the photo of Pa. With hindsight we could have set that up a little more carefully, but I like the fact that the day managed to be informal and spontaneous.

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