Bill Dall – Family Man


Bill Dall at home with family

Bill Dall – family celebration


Bill Dall was

     •   the husband of Patricia,

     •   the father of Marilyn, Jennifer, Ian, Peter and Richard

     •   grand-father of Cameron, Skylen, Erima, Jayenna,

           Fergus, Douglas and Alice

     •   great-grand-father of Micayla, Xavier and Zoe.


He is remembered by his family, who share their experience and recollections of William as a father. Click on these links to experience different aspects and perspectives from Mara, JenniIan, Peter, Rick.


Bill valued education, and he and Patricia made considerable financial sacrifices to send their 5 children to schools carefully chosen for their educational excellence.

More than formal education, he valued independent thinking….. scientific curiosity in its truest sense…. and open-mindedness.


lathed pen and pot by William Dall

Some of William Dall’s fine handiwork with his lathe.


Photo credit: Jenni Dall

Bill was a very practical man, and found relaxation and satisfaction in working with his hands.

He loved wood, and even the most utilitarian objects – a chopping board, a box for old newspapers, a plunger for the garbage grinder – were crafted precisely and beautifully, and finished with loving care.

His more complex projects – telephone table and stool, jewellery cabinet, shelf unit – remain as examples of fine carpentry that comprise a physical legacy to complement his intellectual legacy in the field of marine science.