This section contains various personal writings of William (Bill) Dall.


Family History


In 1979 Bill Dall travelled to Scotland, the home of both his maternal and paternal ancestors, and researched the history of his predecessors. With this information he compiled a 12 page typewritten document plus appendices of newspaper cuttings, etc, which was the initial version of “A Short History of the Dalls”.


He continued to gather information, and in 2006 wrote a more comprehensive account of the family history. This later account, facilitated by modern computer and internet technology, comprises the basis for the information published to this section of the website, divided into pages for easy reading.


It includes the following sections:


Bill’s account of his own life: William, his own words


Origins of the Dalls – the name and the line


 Thomas Dall– the earliest ancestor about whom we have definite information


Thomas Dall’s son, William Dall 1857-1944, and his wife Elizabeth Somerville.


The children of William and Elizabeth: Jack, William Gordon, and Douglas


William Gordon Dall, the father of our William (Bill) Dall


Flora Fredrika Dall (nee Wenyon), Bill’s mother.


The Wenyons – Bill’s maternal family line.


Morven Dall, Bill’s brother.



Poems and other writings

My Brother’s Death



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