The History of the Dalls


Bill Dall’s father’s family lived in New Zealand, where Thomas Dall, Bill’s great-grandfather, had immigrated from Scotland.


Bill’s mother, Flora Fredrika (to distinguish her from her mother, Flora Agnes) was born in the Orkneys in Scotland, and her gentle Scottish lilt remains in my memory from my own childhood.


When Bill began to research his family history, there was quite a bit of information about the New Zealand Dalls, but not much was known about Thomas Dall prior to his emigration from Scotland.


In 1979 on a trip to Scotland, Bill Dall took the opportunity to research his family history. When he returned home he compiled this information into a typewritten document, which was the initial version of “A Short History of the Dalls”.


In 2006 both word processing and research had become a whole lot easier, and Bill wrote up a revised version of “A Short History of the Dalls”. The information in this section of the website has been taken from both the original and revised versions, with some editing (most re-arranging, and some rewording) for easier reading and with a view to suitability for public consumption.


The following sections may be read sequentially or selectively:


Bill’s account of his own life: William, his own words


Origins of the Dalls – the name and the line


Thomas Dall – the earliest ancestor about whom we have definite information


Thomas Dall’s son, William Dall 1857-1944, and his wife Elizabeth Somerville.


The children of William and Elizabeth: Jack, William Gordon, and Douglas


William Gordon Dall, the father of our William (Bill) Dall


Flora Fredrika Dall (nee Wenyon), Bill’s mother.


The Wenyons – Bill’s maternal family line.


Morven Dall, Bill’s brother.



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