Flora Fredrika Dall (nee Wenyon) 1893 – 1976


Flora c1924

Flora c1924

Flora Fredrika was born in 1893 in Sandy, Orkney Islands, Scotland Her father was Edwin James Wenyon, the resident physician there, and her mother was Flora Agnes Fraser.


Flora Fredricka completed school in Dundee in 1911. She trained as a nurse at Guy’s Hospital, London during the War and I suspect she met William Gordon in her capacity as a nurse. She was a shy, gentle girl, quite unsuited for the sort of married life she subsequently led. She suffered slight rickets as a child due to malnutrition (a doting aunt was blamed), which left no obvious external sign, but gave her a narrowed pelvis. As a result she lost her first child and nearly died, and her first surviving child Morven was slightly misshapen due to a very prolonged birth. Another child was either still-born or died during birth, and her youngest, William, was born by caesaerian section.


Flora with her young son Morven

Flora with young Morven – going out

Bill comments about his mother:

“Flora bore her poverty with dignity and managed to shield a good deal of it from us children. She was a well-read, very intelligent woman, and it was largely due to her influence that I took up science as a career.


Flora reading to her young son Morven

Flora reading to young Morven








Flora at the beach with Morven and Billy

At the beach: Flora with Morven and Billy









Billy, Flora and Morven - standing

Billy, Flora and Morven













Flora Fredrika Dall (nee Wenyon)

Flora Fredrika with grand-daughter Marilyn


“Since a mother is a very special person, I cannot really give and objective account of her as a person. She suffered badly from migraine and later seemed to be dependent on codral and this plus some senility, tended to make her confused for much of the time. By 1967 she was starting to become obviously senile, soon needed constant care, went into a nursing home, and by 1972 her personality had disintegrated completely. She remained in the nursing home until her death on July 4, 1975 at the age of 83.”





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